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About XOrca

For 20 years, Xorca Computer Consulting has worked with businesses big and small, from banks to restaurants to insurance companies and more to make problems disappear. Xorca's philosophy is that we help our clients focus on their business by shifting all of their IT responsibilities into our hands.

Xorca repairs existing problems and prevents new ones with fix-it skills and adroit designs. We can fix any kind of technology problem: networks, routers, firewalls, and servers. We can make your system run better. Xorca consultants optimize your processes, including backups and network traffic, and if some preexisting design flaw crashes your system, we can identify and fix it in a matter of hours.

Preventing problems involves choosing the right hardware and software. We are able to knowledgeably select products off-the-shelf or build custom hardware and help you develop software for your business. Xorca's goal is to create solutions and design systems that remain healthy and functional with no surprises when it comes to need or cost.

Big or small, we'll take it all! Call Xorca today for a professional and thoughtful discussion about your personalized needs.

Gvozden Dokic

Owner / Technician

Hi, my name is Gvozden. I have owned and operated Xorca Computer Consulting in the Ithaca NY area since 1999.

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