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The Benefits of Small Business IT Support

It is no secret that today's technology is changing faster, and in more meaningful ways, than ever before throughout history. These rapid changes put serious strains on today's businesses - especially small and medium sized businesses that do not have large internal IT departments and budgets. Xorca is a small business computer support firm that helps small businesses meet the ever-changing face of today's technology, and leverage to provide superior data security, and increase team efficiency through workflow improvements and best-practices.

The biggest benefits of IT support to small businesses include:


IT Policies & Procedures

The right hardware and software are great, and the latest tools definitely help make your business more secure, efficient, and profitable. However, Xorca goes a step further, helping you outline proper computer safety policies and best-practices designed to ensure your team is maximizing efficiency and keeping the company's data protected at every turn.


IT Resources

Properly maintaining your computer hardware and software is time-consuming. There are literally thousands of things you could be doing to make your company more profitable that are not messing around with computer errors, or getting a new email security patch set up. Let Xorca handle these tasks so that you can focus on running your business...not an IT firm.

Big Tech, Small Budget

Small businesses don't have to sacrifice on technology. In fact, when people as how much IT services will cost them, they are often surprised to find out that it is far less than they thought...and far less than it would cost them to hire even one qualified, in-house IT team member without as much experience as Xorca brings to the table. Contact Xorca today, and find out how affordable our small business IT services really are.


Downtime Protection

So much of day-to-day business relies on our online connections. Whether it be our servers, our networks, our computers, or our phones - if you have downtime, you ARE losing money. With Xorca on the job, you will experience less downtime - and when problems do arise (which they will from time-to-time) you can rest assured that Xorca has you covered, and will have you back up and running as fast as possible.

Xorca's Small Business IT Services

Xorca provides a number of critical IT services and solutions for small businesses in the Ithaca, NY area, and across central NY.  Whether you need new hardware, a software solution, or merely a consulting partner to help make the right, informed decision, Xorca has you covered.

Network Design

Setting up your office network the most efficient and secure way possible is crucial to success. Xorca can help you setup a network with the flexibility your team needs to work efficiently, and the security you need to protect your data, your team, and your customers. Check out our blog on Computer & Network Security Basics for more details.

Backup Solutions

Protecting your data saves you time, frustration, the confidence of your team and your customers, and tons of money. Check out our blog post Why You Should Backup Your Data for a detailed look at the importance of proper data backup procedures, and how Xorca can assist you in meeting those goals.

Security Solutions

Security across all of your tech platforms is crucial today. Cyber attacks are becoming more and more prominent, as well as sophisticated, and difficult to protect against. From your network to your email, Xorca provides expert solutions to each of today's key security concerns. Check out our recent blog covering the 4 Most Dangerous Email Security Myths.

Digital Forensics

Digital forensics is important for both small businesses, as well as law enforcement. Xorca can scour computer hardware to recover lost, corrupted, and damaged data, which can save thousands of dollars in the cost to recreate that data, not to mention the time spent to replicate it, and the lost productivity cost required throughout that period.


Help Desk Support


Network Security


Email Security


VPN & Firewall


Cloud Computing


Cloud Data Backups


Network Storage


Updates & Upgrades


Network Design


Hardware Selection


Emergency Support

Need A Guide To Getting Your Business' IT In-Line & Secure?

Grab our FREE IT best-practices checklist today and see exactly where we recommend you focus your efforts for maximum performance, reliability, and protection. Just tell us where to send your free guide (PDF) using the form below:


How To Prioritize Your IT Setup


IT Infrastructure Best-Practices


Software Best Practices


Cloud Computing Best Practices


Cybersecurity Best Practices


The PBOM Plan For Business IT

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I worked with Gvozden on some of the technical side of a client's website redesign and server move. He was extremely professional, prompt, and a pleasure to work with.

Matthew Brown

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Gvozden is a tech genius, and always 100% helpful with all of our technical needs here at the school.

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