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Xorca is the area's leader in managed IT services for small businesses and organizations who are looking to stay-up-to-date without the hassle and frustration

XOrca Computer Consulting

Managed IT Solutions For Small Business In Ithaca & Central NY

Key Benefits of Managed IT Services From Xorca

Powerful IT Solutions For Small Businesses

Future Proof / Continuity

Xorca can help you keep you and your team up-to-date as our technology continues to advance faster-and-faster


We can help you develop a technology stack that is versatile and will easily adapt to your changing needs and growing team


Xorca give you immediate access to our more than 20 years of technology experience and expertise

Gvozden Dokic

Owner / Technician

Hi, my name is Gvozden. I have owned and operated XOrca Computer Consulting in the Ithaca NY area since 1999.

Who Are We

About XOrca

Xorca Computer Consulting is a small business computer support and IT managed services company that has provided small business computer support & consulting across the central NY region for 20 years. Xorca's philosophy is that we help our clients focus on their business by shifting all of their IT responsibilities into our hands.

Xorca repairs existing problems and prevents new ones with fix-it skills and adroit designs. We can fix any kind of technology problem: networks, routers, firewalls, and servers. We can make your system run better. Xorca consultants optimize your processes, including backups and network traffic, and if some preexisting design flaw crashes your system, we can identify and fix it in a matter of hours.

Preventing problems involves choosing the right hardware and software. We are able to knowledgeably select products off-the-shelf or build custom hardware and help you develop software for your business. Xorca's goal is to create solutions and design systems that remain healthy and functional with no surprises when it comes to need or cost.

Big or small, we''ll take it all! Call Xorca today for a professional and thoughtful discussion about your personalized needs.

Xorca provides computer support and IT services to small businesses across central NY, including: Ithaca, Lansing, Slaterville Springs, Brooktondale, Danby, South Hill, Etna, and Varna


Matthew Brown

Owner, 607WebSolutions

"I worked with Gvozden on some of the technical side of a client's website redesign and server move. He was extremely professional, prompt, and a pleasure to work with."

What We Do

Our Small Business Computer Support Includes

Business IT Solutions

We design infrastructure the way nature would: both holistic and modular, a self-contained system that regulates itself and can easily withstand volatility.

Backup Solutions

Your business data comprises a great deal of your business's backbone, which is exactly why you can't risk irreversible data loss.

Security Solutions

Here at XOrca, we understand that the security of your systems is of the utmost importance, although it's not what your employees are specialized in.

Who We Work With

Do You Need Small Office Computer Support?


Managed IT Services for Law Firms


Managed IT Services for Small Businesses


Managed IT Services for Healthcare


Managed IT Services for Non-Profits


Managed IT Services for Schools


Managed IT Services for Financial Insitutions




Dental Offices


Dr. Offices








Professional Services














Many, Many More

What To Do Next

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Walaa Horan

Operations Director, Ithaca Montessori School

"Gvozden is a tech genius, and always 100% helpful with all of our technical needs here at the school."


Common Small Business IT Solution Questions

What Is Included In Managed IT Services?

Xorca offers a variety of the most in-demand, and important managed IT services to small businesses in Ithaca, NY and across the Central NY region. Our Ithaca managed IT services include:

- Network Design, Monitoring, and Management
- On/Off-Site Data Backup Solutions
- Critical Cyber Security Solutions & Monitoring
- Digital Forensics
- Computer Repair & Custom PC Procurement
- Cloud Computing Solutions & Consulting

How Much Does IT Support Cost For A Small Business?

Complete managed IT support for a small business can cost roughly $150/employee/month - though in some markets, or with a limited scope of IT work, this cost can be significantly lower. Additionally, one-time fees for specific projects can vary depending on the scope and complexity of the project.

What IT Services Do Small Businesses Need?

Most small businesses are in need of a variety of managed IT services in today's quickly changing technology world. The most common IT management requests we receive include:

- Computer maintenance, repair, and replacement
- Cloud data backup solutions (enterprise level)
- Network design, setup, and security (software and hardware)
- Email solutions
- Data forensics - finding lost or damaged data (for business and law enforcement)

What Is Business Managed IT?

Business managed IT is a set of services provided to a small business by a dedicated IT specialist. This allows the small business to spend their time and resources on operating and building their business instead of keeping up with every change to technology solutions (which occur with shocking frequency today - and will continue to do so into the future).

What To Do Next

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