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Are you in need of a new network for your office?

Xorca specializes in designing, testing, and implementing professional-level networks for small & medium businesses


20+ years of industry experience

Complete Provider

We take care of everything:

  • Network Design
  • Materials Acquisition
  • Installation & Deployment
  • Performance Optimization
  • Security Upgrades


We are dedicated to ensuring that you get the right network with the right hardware for your specific performance and workflow needs

Network Design, Planning, And Deployment

Xorca can help you meet of all of your business goals by designing, implementing, and monitoring top-tier modern networks designed to provide today's best security, performance, and reliability. From the phyiscal setup (installing and wiring hardware) to properly configuring routers, VPNs, and firewalls (and more) to monitoring your system to limit downtime and potential data losses, Xorca is your choice for networks able to process up to 15,000 transactions per day.

A full time IT team to handle all of this work can be cost-prohibitive (which is why so many companies go without proper IT support and end up paying the price when disaster strikes). This is where Xorca comes in - we provide professional IT services at a fraction of the cost of an in-house full-time IT team.

Our Network Design Process

We start by sitting down with you and discussing your existing network, any problems that you are currently having, as well as your specific desires and needs from your network infrastructure.

With that information in hand, we begin developing a network design and deployment plan specific to your job. With that, we begin to source the materials, services, and software that will be required.

Then, with all of the materials and the plan in hand, we begin to install and deploy your new network. After your network is launched, we will take care of monitoring your network (hardware, software, and any cloud services) to ensure proper uptime and performance, as well as help you integrate any recommended best-practices into your daily workflows.

Network Design Services

We work with small and medium businesses on a variety of networking services - each designed to help maximize productivity and profitability through enhanced collaboration, data security, and workflow optimization.

Private / Public Cloud Planning & Migration

If you are considering an internal cloud system and / or a public cloud service for data storage and file sharing, we will work to ensure that you select the right hardware, software, and services to maximize your return on investment. We will be with you every step of the way - from selection and planning to monitoring to documentation.

VOIP System Implementation

Today's phone systems are high tech - but deliver performance unavailable in cost-effective solutions even a few years ago. Regardless of your office's telephone needs (wired desk phones, conference call systems, or more portable cordless phones) Xorca can help you get a new, efficient VOIP system up and running in no time.


Taking advantage of today's latest technologies and services, Xorca can help keep your team connected through tools like Microsoft Office 365 (email, Skype for Business, and more), GSuite from Google, and more.

Threat Protection

Network and device security is more critical today than ever before. Today's cyber attacks are relentless and extremely sophisticated - let Xorca help safeguard your network, devices, team, and data from harm with the latest in virus protection, spyware / malware protection, administration (critical updates and patches), and proper monitoring.

Network Monitoring & Management

Xorca can provide you with the tools and knowledge to properly monitor and manage your network infrastructure and address any issues before they turn into major problems. On top of that, Xorca can provide complete monitoring services to ensure that your network is always looked after and ready to perform its best. Combine with internal policies and best practices, a well monitored and maintained network can dramatically improve your overall working efficiency.

Need A Guide To Getting Your Business' IT In-Line & Secure?

Grab our FREE IT best-practices checklist today and see exactly where we recommend you focus your efforts for maximum performance, reliability, and protection. Just tell us where to send your free guide (PDF) using the form below:


How To Prioritize Your IT Setup


IT Infrastructure Best-Practices


Software Best Practices


Cloud Computing Best Practices


Cybersecurity Best Practices


The PBOM Plan For Business IT

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I worked with Gvozden on some of the technical side of a client's website redesign and server move. He was extremely professional, prompt, and a pleasure to work with.

Matthew Brown

Owner, 607WebSolutions

Gvozden is a tech genius, and always 100% helpful with all of our technical needs here at the school.

Walaa Horan

Operations Director, Ithaca Montessori School

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