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Network Design For Small Business

Proper network design is critical for today's small business - a properly designed and secured network will save your team hours and save you tons of money on downtime, data loss, and inefficiencies that can rob your profits blind. Xorca has decades of experience setting up, securing, and monitoring small business networks.

Cloud Computing Solutions For Small Business

Xorca is a local leader in identifying and implementing a wide range of cloud computing solutions for small business. Today, cloud computing is an indespensible set of power tools that can completely transform your small business, boost your team's productivity by leaps and bounds, and siginificatnly increase your profitability.

Small Business Computer Repair Services

Computer software and hardware errors occur - that is why Xorca is the local leader in small business computer repair services. We work on Windows, Linux, and Mac systems - diagnosing and repairing all of your troubling hardware and software repair needs.

Data Backup Solutions For Small Business

Data is the lifeblood of your business - from contact information, employee files, sensitive customer information, and more, data losses can become a massive time-suck that can cripple your team and drain your profits. Xorca works with small businesses to indentify and implement the best data backup solutions including cloud solutions, network attached storage solutions, and full on-site servers.

Small Business Computer Security Solutions

Whether you need to lockdown your network with firewalls and VPNs for maximum protections, or need assistance setting up computer security procedures and best practices, or securing your team's mobile devices, Xorca can help you get everything setup, help train your team on the necessary procedures, and keep your security up-to-date so you are always protected.

Digital Forensics Consulting Services

Xorca is Central NY's leading provider of Digital Forensic services for law enforcement agencies, legal teams, and businesses. We can pull data from Windows, Linux, and Mac systems, servers, NAS units, and today's most popular mobile devices. Our digital forensics consulting services will get your data recovery on track.

Small Business Managed IT Solutions

Small business IT solutions are the bread-and-butter here at Xorca - we thrive on working with our clients in order to assess their specific IT needs, and then identify, implement, and maintain those systems to ensure maximum uptime and return on your investment. How can we help your business adapt to today's technology landscape?

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Walaa Horan

Operations Director, Ithaca Montessori School

"Gvozden is a tech genius, and always 100% helpful with all of our technical needs here at the school."

Xorca is the #1 provider of small business computer support in Central NY. Since 1999, we have been based here in Ithaca, NY working with small businesses to identify and meet the needs of their computer and IT challenges. We specialize in a range of small business computer consulting and support services, including critical IT components such as:

With the crucial role that technology plays in the success of today's businesses - and it's ever-changing state, the marketplace gets tougher to identify the very best solutions for your specific needs - the solutions that will absolutely change the game and provide measureable increases in team efficiency and profitability. Instead of wasting a bunch of time and money trying out a number of different solutions, let Xorca be your small business computer consulting partner and adopt the right solutions for you the first time.

You can save a ton of time and money working directly with Xorca as your computer support partner - we are more affordable and flexible than an in-house IT team.

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Ready For A Little Help With Your IT Needs?

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