Why You Should Backup Your Data

Why You Should Backup Your Data

For today’s businesses, data is money! And, lost data is lost money. Properly backing up your data is critical to ensuring that your business is maximizing your profits. In this case, new technology and solid IT consulting are your friend, and can help you fine-tune your data backup processes to lower your resource cost while maintaining solid data protection.

What are the benefits of backing up data?

There are actually a number of benefits for backing up your business data on a scheduled, regular basis, including:

  • Ensure that catastrophic computer failures do not cost your precious data and time that you spent creating the data (and recreating it after a crash)
  • Get your company back up and running faster after a computer failure
  • Ensure that accounting (receivable and payable) are never affected by a sudden computer failure
  • Guarantee that your customers / clients are taken care of by ensuring all of the data relating to their account is safe and ready for access whenever needed

How often should you backup data?

There are many schools of thought on this question. It is my recommendation that data be backed up daily (such as automatically at the end of each working day). This will balance the time / resource cost of backing up with your need to protect your highly valuable data. With today’s technology, XOrca can easily help you set up an automated data backup system that will run seamlessly in the background and give you maximum protection without a high resource cost.

What can you use to backup your data?

Again, there are several different options here. Some are relatively secure, but lower cost, and some are extremely secure, but with a higher cost. The idea is to balance the security delivered with the cost that you can afford to come up with a solid backup plan.

A few of the most popular data backup options include:

  • Small USB keys
  • External USB hard drive(s)
  • Local server / Network Attached Storage
  • Cloud storage (ask XOrca about recommended cloud storage services)
  • Off-site server

We recommend that you use two level backups – typically a local backup and then a cloud backup as well. The two-level backup ensures data integrity with as many redundancies as possible, and still be incredibly affordable considering the value of your data.

A budget option for two level data backup for a single computer would be:

  • Backup the single computer to a large USB external hard drive (can be run scheduled, or manually at the end of the work day)
  • Backup the USB external hard drive to a cloud service (Google Drive / Amazon / etc) – this be scheduled to run overnight after work hours

A good option for an office with multiple computers would be:

  • Backup all local computers to a NAS (Network Attached Storage) – this can be done manually by each user at the end of the day, or set to run automatically after the work day is done.
  • Backup the office’s NAS to your cloud storage service after the local backups have completed – it is best to schedule this to run automatically each night after the staff has gone home to avoid missing data.

XOrca can help you determine the best data backup options for your needs, and also install and setup any necessary scheduling for automated backups. And, check back often as we dig deeper into the IT topics, tips, and tricks that will make a difference to your business!

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    Cloud storage offers some advantages over local storage. For instance, if your house is flooded, your backup might be lost, unless you stored your data in the cloud.


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