Using Computer Forensics in Your Company

Using Computer Forensics in Your Company

Todays terrifying topic is likely to send chills up any to any business owners spine, the necessary matter of an internal threat. Very often companies terminate disgruntled workers who may be out to cause harm to your business or clients. At any moment, former or current staff may take it upon themselves to take data without permission and potentially cause damage in doing so. Even when a company makes strides in protecting themselves with the latest and greatest network security, along with employee policies and regulations around data theft, a disgruntled staff member will look beyond and still go for the gold. If you suspect a case of internal data theft, you need to begin to seek a computer forensics expert trained with skills and techniques to uncover and analyze data for use in a legal investigation.

Providing the courts definitive evidence that the employee obtained the data without the company permission is the only way to press charges, and seek monetary damages. Working with a computer forensics professional can assist in providing evidence that a particular person stole to tamper with data from an organization”s system. They possess the skills to locate and record instances of improper conduct from an employee using expert techniques combined with specialized hardware and software. A computer forensics expert can discover if a device was connected such as portable USB, or a data written CD was produced. Data sent from a device to a printer for a printing job, or a trail of web browsing history can also provide essential information about data theft and often provide concrete evidence for the case. A forensics expert can even locate deleted data from mobile devices, including all voice mails, text messages, emails sent and received. GPS tracking within mobile devices can also place a suspect at a particular location. Whenever working with matters that raise privacy concerns, be certain that all decisions are made with a careful and critical examination by consulting with an attorney. When dealing with such an important legal matter, it is important that you know what to look for when hiring a professional to ensure that data collected will hold up in court. It often helps to ask if your expert has any legal or law enforcement background and if they have been court approved as an expert witness. Having an expert involved with ongoing training and technology education is crucial as technology is fast changing and added skills are needed to perform well.

At XOrca Computer Consulting, we pride ourselves in offering swift digital forensics solutions. As liaisons with law enforcement agencies and legal counsel, we have successful experience in preparing reports for use in civil and criminal legal proceedings as well as providing expert witness testimony for use in criminal and legal proceedings.

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