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We Offer Computer Support for Small Businesses

We all know that today’s businesses (large and small) run on the very latest technological advances. From mobile devices to powerful PCs - from network attached storage to complete cloud solutions for all facets of your business, Xorca is a leader in providing computer support for small business across Upstate NY.

We have more than 20 years of experience working with small and medium business owners to meet their challenges using the day’s latest technology and computer services. We can provide remote support for common issues - often over the phone or through remote access applications, but are ready to come and get our hands dirty on a site-visit for more advanced problems or requirements.

Our Small Business Computer Consulting Services

We understand that you don’t just need someone to tell you what computer to purchase, and then sell it to you. Technology is evolving fast - and more and more of our business functions can be automated and optimized using new technology (hardware and software) that is being developed every single day.

We are not just an IT services provider (though, yes, we absolutely offer Managed IT Services for your business) - we offer complete small business consulting services. We want to understand your business, and then work with you to develop and implement a true IT plan that makes sense and actually helps you meet your business goals.

If you need a little help keeping up with today’s technology, and what software and hardware will make a real impact on your business, give Xorca a call and give our small business computer consulting services a try.

Addressing All of Your Small Business Technology Needs

When Xorca says “small business computer support, “ we are often talking about your small business technology needs, and how we can assist you in filling those needs and addressing any challenges along the way.

Some key small business technology needs that we help organizations across New York address are:

Plus, in our blog, you will find extensive resources addressing today’s evolving technology including guides on topics such as:


Your Small Business Computer Support Leader

Xorca is the area’s small business computer support leader, and we have been for more than 20 years. We work with businesses and organizations of all shapes and sizes across New York to help them plan out and implement IT solutions that help them meet their actual business goals. Being a leader in small business computer support is not just about telling you what you need to do - it is about sitting down with you, understanding your actual goals and challenges, and then helping to identify, acquire, and implement the best solutions for your specific needs.

Contact us today and get your own small business IT solutions enacted before technology leaves you behind.

Small Business Computer Support FAQs

How Much Should IT Support Cost?

This will depend on the size of the IT firm that you go with.

  • A smaller firm with 1-2 techs will cost about $75-125/hour
  • A medium firm with 5-10 techs will charge between $90-150/hour
  • A larger IT support firm with 10 or more techs will cost $100-200/hour

Many medium and large firms may offer a flat monthly service fee that covers a specific scope of work.

How Much Does an IT Person Cost?

If you are hiring an in-house IT specialist for your small business, you can expect to have to pay somewhere in the range of $58,000 - $60,000 a year in salary and benefits (though a tech with more than a few years experience will command a salary that may be much larger). For most small businesses, outsourcing their IT support to a third-party firm is the most cost-effective option.

How Much Does it Cost to Outsource IT Support?

There are several models for figuring IT outsourcing costs. Many firms will charge by the hour (ranging anywhere from $75 - $200/hour depending on the size and experience of the firm). Other firms may charge a flat monthly rate based on a defined scope of work, or per user / system that requires monitoring throughout the month.

What is Computer Technical Support?

Computer technical support is a consistent need for small businesses today. With expensive, and ever-changing technology landscape, most businesses are in need of several types of computer technical support, including:

  • Diagnostic services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance
  • Repairs
  • Upgrades

Typically, computer technical support can be done over the phone, over the internet, or in person.

How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Computer?

A good rule of thumb is that you will spend between $50-75/hour for standard computer diagnostics and repairs - plus the cost of any parts needed to complete the fix. Most repairs cost between a total of $150-250, but the overall cost can vary widely depending on what repair entails.

What are Remote Support Tools?

Remote support tools are a variety of software tools that allow an IT support tech to remotely enter and take control of a device (mobile device or computer) over the internet and assist the end user from off site. Popular remote support tools include:

  • Desktop sharing
  • Files transfer
  • File synchronization