IT Consulting for Increased Staff Proficiency

IT Consulting for Increased Staff Proficiency

Businesses frequently put off upgrading their systems. It can be expensive. It can be time consuming. It can be frustrating. With new systems come new protocols, new software, and new habits to replace the old. Traditionally, the business community has had an intense love/hate relationship with software upgrades. On one hand, upgrades often bring new capability and solve old and lingering problems. On the other, new software can often be plagued with glitches, and the new training, under any circumstances, can be laborious and unpopular. However, by some counts, under-training ranks as one of the most common IT mistakes business can make. It has been estimated that most office staff understand less than 20% of the available features in the software. This means 80% of time saving, cost reducing, and efficiency boosting applications are being under-utilized. Working with staff, business owners, and managers is part of the function of IT consultants. IT consulting can help expose employees to efficient new paradigms for sophisticated uses of software.

This can also dramatically improve security compliance. Most security breaches are the result of hackers targeting the human element. For example, passwords are notoriously unsecure because users often choose ridiculously easy passwords to guess. Employees also download suspicious files, or visit untrustworthy sites. There are settings and policies that savvy IT departments can enact that can help stem the tide of human error, but the effectiveness of such can be mitigated if the employees are unwilling or unable to fully support the policies. Therefore, it is absolutely critical that the employee training be rigorous and current. IT consulting can help strategize with business to make this happen quickly, effectively, and inexpensively.

Whatever your IT consulting needs we can help you find a solution that works best for you.

“Gvozden is a tech genius, and always 100% helpful with all of our technical needs here at the school.”

Walaa Horan

Operations Director, Ithaca Montessori School

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