Computer & Network Security Basics

Computer & Network Security Basics

Solid computer and network security is more critical today than ever before. Online phishing schemes, cyber attacks, and identity are more sophisticated and difficult to spot (and avoid) every single day. On top of that, more and more of our personal and business information and data are online through our constantly online computers and mobile devices.

What information of yours do you have online (on a web-connected device) that is possible for anyone to steal if you are lax in your security?

  • Credit / Debit card numbers
  • Online banking usernames / passwords
  • Social Security Number
  • Contact information for friends and family
  • Images / videos of you and your family
  • Your customers’ purchase history and payment information

What Are The Basics Of Cyber Security?

This is basically the steps that you take (or should take) in order to protect your sensitive data, computer systems, web-connected devices, and software applications from a wide (and ever-growing) range of cyber attacks. And, in today’s ever-increasingly online world, good computer and network security fundamentals are more important than ever before.

What Are The Elements Of Computer Security?

There are a few very basic steps that we can all take to help protect ourselves better from online attacks and data / identity theft. Most of these steps are lower cost than you would imagine, and are simple enough to keep up with when outline and setup by a IT professional.

Some elements you should look out for in your own computer security include:

  • Password Security
    You should never use the same password for multiple accounts. On top of that, you should always use “strong” passwords, and change your passwords on a regular basis (once every few months should be ok).
  • Software Updates
    Over time, almost all software (whether it be on your PC, Mac, or even your phone / tablet) is vulnerable to cyber attacks of one form or another. This is the main reason that developers release updates for their software – security updates to help keep you protected as attacks become more and more complex.
  • Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware
    You should absolutely be using a solid anti-virus / anti-malware program for your computers. There are a number of decent free programs that work quite well, but for maximum protection and peace of mind, a paid av / am program is recommended as they often include faster updates to confront new software threats before other programs have addressed them.
  • Link / Email Security
    Be very wary of clicking on links that you receive in emails, text messages, or online messaging apps. If you are in any way unsure about the source or reason for the link, do not click it. If it is from a recognized source, but you still have questions, don’t click it, and ask what it is before going forward.
  • Use A VPN
    VPNs, or Virtual Private Networks, are more affordable (and important) than ever. A VPN can help protect your data and browsing activity when you are connected to public WIFI network (as many of us are as we go about our everyday lives).
  • Have Cyber Security Policies
    If your company does not have clearly stated (and strong) cyber security policies that all workers are required to follow when using company machines, or accessing company data / accounts, you need to put this in place immediately.

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